Upcycled materials used for the production of REBAGO bags

Upcycled Materials

We are fans of different, industrial materials out of which we create our bags and accessories. We make messenger bags, tote bags, sport bags, shop bags and more from upcycled materials such as bike tubes, truck tarps, airbags or seatbelts, fire hoses. For the linings we also use tent materials, airbags, pieces of upholstery and many more! Each bag is a mix of different things which makes it interesting and special. Additionaly, since it is all recycled, it also wears original prints and marks. It’s just imposible to find two exactly the same pieces of trash!

Each one has the same quality standard: they are very resistant, mainly waterproof and surprisingly functional.

REBAGO products are sustainable, vegan and made in Europe. Discover more!


 truck tarp

The material that has seen the world! We craft our products from used tarps that have spent their life on the roads. We use both truck tarpaulins with graphics as well as plain, one-color tarpaulins. Pieces of graphic are decorative enough to use them as main elements of bags. The plain ones we decorate with self-designed appliques made from different color of tarpaulin or other materials we use. 

Each bag is one-of-a-kind because each one is made of a unique piece of a tarp. You can be sure your bag won’t soak when it rains, will last ages and in case of getting dirty – you’ll clean it easily with water.


 inner tube

Though inner tubes are mostly black, one not can say it’s a boring material! Very durable and highly water resistant – thanks to it’s simplicity looks very stylish and can be use even for more formal models.  Perfect for bike commuters, comfortable, often with uinque marks left by its former life.


Upcycled materials: airbag

Airbag is a material which most of us have never seen. For luck! It is super light but very durable. It’s made from sintetic substance which makes it easy to clean. Airbag will be perfect for those who are not fans of heavy, industrial materials like tarp or tubes but who look for some resistant, recycled fabric which is as much interesting. 


Upcycled seat belts

Unlike the airbag – we all know seat belt. Though, not all of us know that they are in so many colors! In fact, in theory seat belts come in any color you like. Since they must mind our lifes, the regulations of their production are very strict and even the smallest flat in the party disqualify them from being a part of a car. But they still can serve as a bag 🙂 Seatbelts are very strong, that is why we use them in all of our bags as straps. It’s width gives comfort while wearing a bag. Their nice, shiny structure make the bags created from them very stylish and more formal than the ones made from tarps and inner tubes. 


As fire hoses after years of it’s duty get retired they become a perfect material for upcycling metamorphosis. Though, we use both used fire hoses as well as production waste of new ones. Same as with seat belts and airbags: a new fire hose must be flawless because our lives depend on its reliability. The nice and very strong woven material is additionally covered with layer of thermoplastic in order to make it hermetic. It would be a big shame not to make a bag out of it.