Responsible shopping: why do we need to care?

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30 October 2019

Responsible shopping: why do we need to care?

We are masters of irresponsible shopping.

Every day humans produce tons of rubbish. Being bombarded with marketing actions we get more and more trapped in consumerism. We buy things because they look nice, because there is a special offer, because the color is trendy, because the influencer on #insta said it’s a must have and so on. We get things under the influence of a moment without a proper thought about whether we need them or not. A new pair of trousers, another t-shirt, new mug with some sweet kitten on it, new curtains, because the old ones are not trendy enough… Tasty this and tasty that times four, so well presented and advertised we can’t resist. It’s a pity that most of our shopping will very soon end up in landfill.


New, mostly useless stuff is a problem number one: number two is the packaging.

Have you ever finished shopping with a bunch of shopping bags in your hand? Have you ever bought a cucumber wrapped all around in plastic? Or maybe bought a set of new cutlery beautifully presented in a market shelf which appeared to be packed in cartoon covered with foil with plastic stands inside for every single fork and spoon? I bet you have. And you have probably noticed that once you get home and you unpack your new treasures all the packaging ends up in trash immediately. We get more and more cautious about overusing disposable packaging and we can help to reduce the number of it by changing our habbits, though, it is very difficult to avoid it fully as the producers don’t basically help in this matter.

So what can we do?

There are several steps which we can take in order to become more responsible customers.

Look for the products of a good quality:

Try to buy things which will not fall apart after the first use. Buying cheaper doesn’t always mean that you really save… What saving is it when you buy something cheap and in a week you need to get a replacement because the “new” tacky thing you got broke down already? On the other hand: be careful with over expensive well advertised luxury stuff. Buying something expensive just because it has a famous label doesn’t always come together with the quality. Times change. Brands which we have always been considered as better now also try to save some money. They move their production to the Asian countries or simply have some slip-ups. When you buy something watch it carefully and think if the quality is worth its price. If not, claim it and look for something better.

Support local market:

Buying locally has many advantages. It is incomparably more ecological to buy from a local seller than from a company which transported your goods through the whole globe before they got to you. If you buy locally there is a bigger chance to find out about the production process and source of the materials. It is easier to deal with the guarantee as well.

Buy handmade stuff:

Hand manufactured products, no matter if its food or anything else are always more precious than mass production. First of all: it is more difficult to overproduce. Hand craft takes time which means that your craftsman will probably be able to make just as many products as you will be able to buy and use. It is impossible to hand overproduce thousands of products which at the end of the season will be left in a warehouse and eventually…destroyed. Handmade is also unique as all of us are! It is much more fun to have a thing which is one of a kind. REBAGO handmade bags

Don’t care about the trends:

Don’t give a damn about the influencers who tell you that you should get rid of your favorite bag or t-shirt just because it is in a color which is not TOP this season and get a new one. Who cares? You love your bag, It suits you. It’s comfortable, it still works and you have good memories about it. Everyone is different and it is ridiculous that somebody who doesn’t even know you tell you that this year you should wear cobalt blue because it’s a trendy color. You don’t even look good in blue! Have your own brain and make you own decisions about the things you like and need.

Look for recycled and upcycled products:

If you want to help the environment look for the products which are environmental friendly. Try to pick the goods which are made from previously used materials. Thanks to that you reduce the number of trash even by 50%! Appreciate the effort of the companies who try to recycle and upcycle: it is much more complicated and much more expensive for them to do that instead of using brand new stuff. Crazy but true. Recycling upcycling trash

Think about the packaging:

Reduce the number of disposable bags you use. Try to pick the products which are packed in materials easy to recycle or already recycled! Recycle by yourself: segregate the rubbish you produce the way it could be remade. Do not mix rubbish! Look for the shops which offer selling their goods in environmental-friendly packaging or encourage you to use your own bags and boxes. It means they also care!

Buy second hand and share:

Do you need to have everything to be new and just for you? Look for the stuff which you need and somebody else might not need anymore. Look for some local sharing groups: maybe instead of buying it would be possible to borrow it?

And most importantly: simply be responsible. There is no Planet B. We all should care for what we have over here right now and do responsible shopping.

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