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General provisions

  1. Placing an order is equal to acquaintance and acceptation of the following regulations.
  2. The owner of the Internet shop, which is registered under www.rebago.com, is REBAGO Ewelina Sroka located in Mokronos Dolny, 4 Parkowa Street, Poland – NIP: 575-117-80-95 hereafter referred to as the Seller.
  3. The party which is shopping, hereinafter referred to as the Ordering Party/Client is an adult person or an institution.
  4. Payment deadline is 7 days from the date of placing an order. After that time the order will be cancelled and the product will be returned on stock.
  5. In case of any questions or any obscurities, please do contact us at shop@rebago.com or by phone +48 609008611.


  1. Every product offered for sale is an unique item. 
  2. Orders may be placed directly, without the necessity of registration, at the www.rebago.com page by adding the chosen product to a “cart”. After placing an order, an e-mail is sent and thanks to that, the Seller confirms that the order was accepted.
  3. Packages with the ordered products are sent during the next working day, after booking the payment on our account. In exceptional situations sending a package may be delayed. (for ex. because of bank holidays etc.)
  4. Prices of products which are available on the shop’s web are gross prices (VAT included) and expressed in EUR.
  5. In order to receive VAT invoice, it is necessary to contact us directly, simultaneously giving all the necessary information needed to issue such a VAT invoice.

Shipment and payments

  1. Shipments are realized by a courier company (applies to Europe) and by Polish Post (applies to Australia and North America and Asia).
  2. If you want to make a purchase but your location is not supported: please contact us on shop@rebago.com.
  3. You will be notified about the fact of sending the parcel by an e-mail.
  4. The time of shipment is:
    Europe: 2-5 days
    Australia and North America: 10 – 25 days (fast delivery). The time of economic delivery by Polish Post is unknown (the Polish Post doesn’t specify the delivery time for economic parcels).  
  5. Cost of the shipments is determined from the parameters of the order and is given while placing the order.
  6. In case of not receiving the parcel by the customer and sending the parcel back to REBAGO, the parcel can be sent again after the customer pays again for the postage.
  7. The Payment for the ordered products may be done in several ways: by credit card, through Pay Pal system (our PayPal account: sroka@rebago.com), crediting on a bank account, bank’s transfer.
  8.  Our bank account: 

REBAGO Ewelina Sroka


Parkowa 4 Street

55-080 Mokronos Dolny


PL16 1140 2004 0000 3112 1022 7801

Guarantee and notices of defects

  1. The Seller gives 12-month guarantee on products bought in the Shop (www.rebago.com).
  2. Basis for complaint constitutes an e-mail at shop@rebago.com  explaining a reason of a complain sent together with the complained product.
  3. Damaged or faulty product, after prior contact with the shop service, is sent by Client to the Seller by using a specially generated return label. If Client cannot use the label, Client sends the product to the Seller at his own expense. Then after review and accepting the complaints, the cost of shipment will be refunded only at the amount of current rate binding at the day of shipment (see the table). The package should be sent by a courier company or by postal parcel, as long as it is possible to track it. Parcels sent in any other way will not be accepted. Parcels sent to the Shop should be packed in a way which guaranties contents’ safety and protection.
  4. Only latent defects aroused by fault of a producer in a process of production are subjects for any claims.
  5. Products offered for sale contain recycling elements what may result in a visible signs of usage of a particular elements, scratches, losses in imprints.
  6. Complaints fall outside:
  • natural wear and tear of a product,
  • mechanical, thermal, chemical and any other damages caused by operation or negligence of an user or an external force operation,
  • damages aroused thanks to reworks, repairs and changes done by an user or any other unauthorized parties,
  • damages aroused in circumstances for which the Seller do not take any responsibility and particularly aroused due to inappropriate running,
  • damages “consumed” which means such damages which were noticed but a user did not stop to use the product.


  1. Due to the Act of 02 March 2000 on protection of particular consumer’s rights and on responsibility for damages done by a dangerous product (Journal of Law No. 22 of 2000, item 271) the Client may resign from a product bought in our online shop, without giving a reason, within 14 days from the date of its delivery. It is possible only when the product was not used, remains in its original package with labels and does not bear any traces of usage and was not damaged in any way.
  2. Returned product should be sent unused, clean and in no trace condition at: REBAGO Ewelina Sroka, 4 Parkowa Street, 55-080 Mokronos Dolny, Poland.
  3. The Shop guarantees a refund equal to the price of ordered products if the payment had been made through a bank transfer. In case of making a payment  through Stripe or PayPal – the full amount minus the provision taken by mentioned companies will be returned. Money will be refunded within 14 working days.
  4. The shipping cost is not refundable.
  5. Cost of sending the product back will not be refunded and according to that, we do not accept any parcels which were sent to us on our expense.
  6. If the Client decides to return the bought products, we kindly request to let us know by an e-mail on: shop@rebago.com.
  7. Please attach the return slip to the parcel so your order was easier to localize.

Download Return slip:

  1. The Shop restricts itself to make some changes in the Regulations.
  2. All disputes the parties will try to settle amicably and in case if such an agreement is not possible, the dispute will be settled by a court.
  3. All products’ descriptions and pictures are an exclusive property of REBAGO; any copying and using them in any purpose, without the owner’s agreement, is prohibited.
  4. All products’ names and REBAGO constitutes the only property of “REBAGO” company.
  5. We do our best to make our pictures and descriptions the most suitable to the products. However, these pictures should be used as advertising information and may not constitute any basis for issuing any claims against “REBAGO”.
  6. Pursuant to the act of personal data protection, we inform that all clients’ data is used only for an order’s realization and also to keep the clients informed of our products. Personal data is not disclosed to any third parties.
  7. To all matters not settled herein provisions suitable regulations of civil code shall apply, or any other acts that apply for an activity and operation of the Internet shop.

Final provisions