REBAGO upcycling bags unique bags and accessories


Rebago Company consists of people bewitched by upcycling 
and firmly dedicated to what they do. 


Rebago manufactures its bags from the very beginning to the very end. We search for used materials, we collect them, then we pass them to preparation and washing. All of used by us materials are cleaned withould using any chemicals. We use olny pressurized water, every scrap of material passes the process of thorough cleaning and detailed inspection of purity.

After they are cleaned we choose the colors and motives for our bags and accessories. Than we cut all the materials: tarpaulins, inner tubes, fire hoses, seatbelts fot the outsides and tents, airbags, mesh grid, upholstery for linings. Then it’s just putting all of that together and sew! Uf!

rebago workshop

Rebago is not a factory which makes thousands of identical pieces without the identity.
Each of our bags is different and special. Each scrap of material has it’s own history and would be happy to create a new one with it’s new owner