After purchasing your first Rebago bag, you might get addicted.

There is a chance that you might want to buy another one!

For your girlfriend / boyfriend, maybe for your mom or brother?
Or  a second one for yourself!

We are more than pleased to reward you, our loyal customers with discounts.


Here is how it works:


Remember to create an account before you complete the purchase. Only registered users can collect Rebago points.


1EUR  spent makes 1 Rebago point earned. Remember to always be logged in to your account when you are making a purchase.


All the Rebago points which you collected, will be displayed on a checkout. You will be able to use them to create a discount.

Every 10 Rebago points make 1EUR discount


    In this document:
    Rebago means Rebago Ewelina Sroka, ul. Parkowa 4, Mokronos Dolny 55-080 – Przedsiębiorstwo, Firma, NIP: 5751178095.
    Rebago Points Program or Program means the Loyalty program that Rebago runs for
    its customers.
    Member means a person who Rebago notifies in writing has been admitted as a member of
    the Rebago Points Program, who has activated their account, and whose membership of the
    Program has not been terminated. Membership has a corresponding meaning.
    Terms and Conditions means the terms and conditions governing the Rebago Points
    Program which are set out below, as varied or supplemented by Rebago from time to time.
    By joining the Rebago Points Program you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.
    3.1. Only Members enjoy the benefits of the Rebago Points Program.
    3.2. To become a Member, and to remain a Member: you must at all times have a valid email
    address; you agree that Rebago has the right to send you emails (including for marketing
    purposes) at that email address; and you must not be an employee of Rebago.
    3.3. You can sign-up for Membership via the Rebago website. After
    you do that Rebago will send you an email setting out what is required to activate your
    Membership, and you will need to comply with those instructions.
    3.4. To be eligible for benefits under the Rebago Points Program you will need to log into your account using your email address and password.
    3.5. If your email address becomes invalid or for any other reason Rebago is not able to
    contact you at your email address including because you elect to ‘unsubscribe’ from Rebago
    marketing communications, Rebago may terminate (or de-activate) your Membership. If this
    happens you will immediately cease being a Member, but you will still be able to redeem (in the
    normal course) any accrued benefits earned before your Membership terminated.
    4.1. Every 1 EUR a Member spends on product purchases other than on gift vouchers via the Rebago website ( qualifies for a 1 Rebago point.
    4.2 Every 10 Rebago points collected, gives a member 1 EUR discount which can be used for subsequent purchases
    4.3. When a Member returns purchased product(s) using the right of return, to get refund, Rebago points gained for purchasing this product(s) are taken back from a Member manually from his account
    by Rebago.
    4.4. If a Member cannot provide proof of Membership (by signing in, using a verifiable email address and password for his account at the time of making a purchase the purchase will not be treated as having been made by a Member.
    4.5 Member purchased a product via Rebago website ( and then realised not being signed into his member account, should contact Rebago at: and ask employee to verify the order. If given adress data will match, Rebago will manually add the right amount of points to Member account.
    5.1 Your Rebago points are for your exclusive use only and is non-transferrable. Its value will
    not be replaced if it is stolen, lost or not received.
    6.1. By becoming a Member you consent to:
    (a) Rebago collecting personal information about you for the purposes of your participation in
    the Rebago Points Program and Rebago marketing and sales activities generally;
    (b) receiving communications from Rebago regarding Rebago latest products, offers and
    (c) receiving communications from Rebago about third party products, discounts and offers
    which Rebago believes may be of interest to you; and
    (d) Rebago using and sharing your personal information with a service provider or agent
    retained by Rebago for the purposes of conducting market research, data warehousing, data
    analysis and advertising in the commercial interest of Rebago and for the purpose of
    ensuring the proper functioning of the Rebago Points Program.
    6.2. Rebago will take all reasonable steps to ensure the security and privacy of all your
    personal information and data collected from and about you.
    6.3. Rebago will not otherwise disclose or permit the use of any of your personal information
    unless required by law.
    6.4. You may access and update your personal information at any time by:
    visiting the Rebago Points Program section of the Rebago website at and logging into your Account page; or by emailing
    Rebago Customer Service at or; or by calling Rebago
    Customer Service on +48 609 008 611; or by writing to: Rebago Points Program (Privacy),
    Parkowa 4, 55-080 Mokronos Dolny, Poland.
    7.1. You may terminate your Membership at any time without reason by doing any of the
    (a) logging into the Account Management page in the Rebago Points section of the Rebago
    website at and choosing to delete your account.
    (b) selecting the ‘unsubscribe’ option on emails sent to you by Rebago;
    (c) notifying Customer Service by email at;
    (d) notifying Customer Service by phone on +48 609 008 611; or
    (e) notifying Rebago by post addressed to: Rebago ul. Parkowa 4, Mokronos Dolny 55-080, Poland.
    7.2. Rebago has the right at any time without notice and in its absolute discretion to suspend,
    change or terminate the Rebago Points Program including all or any Terms and Conditions.
    7.3 Rebago has the right to terminate a person’s Membership as provided in paragraph 3.6
    7.4. Rebago has the right at any time and for any reason to terminate a person’s Membership
    with immediate effect by notice to that person.
    7.5. Rebago is not liable for any loss or damage occasioned by any suspension, variation or
    termination of Membership in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, except for any liability
    which cannot be excluded by law.
    The Terms and Conditions apply to the Points Program in general. Rebago may from time to
    time run specific offers including competitions within or outside of the Points Program and these
    may be subject to separate or additional terms and conditions.

    You may access and update your personal information at any time by visiting the Rebago Points Program section of the Rebago website at and logging into your Account Management page; or by emailing Rebago Customer Service at or by calling Rebago Customer Service on +48 609 008 611; or by writing to: Rebago, Rebago ul. Parkowa 4, Mokronos Dolny 55-080, Poland.