It’s hard to focus on just one thing when talking about REBAGO products. What sets them apart from other items on the market, is that we cater to all your needs at once. All possible bags, backpacks and accessories (like: wallets, tobacco pouches, hip bags, belt bags, laptop covers, cosmetic bags and more!) available in one place. All held to the high standard in quality and production process, environmentally-friendly and vegan, handmade, totally unique… the list goes on!

And while you get all that, rest assured that it comes along with stylish, functional designs with a variety of models to choose from!


Another thing all our recycled accessories have in common, is that they’re highly practical and smart in design. Whether you need a tasteful shoulder bag for your documents, a sporty hip bag for walks around the city or a chic crossbody bag for when you have places to be don’t want to carry things by hand… REBAGO has an efficient and fashionable solution for every lifestyle need.


However, bike users have a special place in our heart. As sustainability and environmental consciousness is at the core of REBAGO philosophy, we put all the effort into making bike commutes as swift and pleasant as possible. Cycling places instead of taking an Uber or driving is beneficial not just for personal health, but also the environment. Therefore, we whole-heartedly support that way of transportation and we make sure our designs reflect that.

You can find backpacks specially designed for comfortable cycling, belt bags perfect for easy pedaling or even bike panniers! Additionally, we have shoulder pads that will make even long hours on the bike easy on your shoulders and ease the weight of the backpack.

On top of that, most of our items is well-adjusted to comfortable bike trips and functionality is at the forefront of our design process.

By choosing to commute by bike with a recycled backpack from REBAGO, you’re already making a big difference for the environment. Small, achievable steps are what leads to global change, and we believe that REBAGO is a great place to start from.