rebago in wroclaw


Each one of us is different, with a unique set of experiences that makes up who we are. No matter how similar, you’ll never find two exact people with exact same history and point of view.

The same goes for our recycled bags, backpacks and accessories – every single item with a past and inimitable imprints of it. Due to the nature of upcycling, REBAGO products carry their past lives and histories with them. You can find it in one-of-a-kind pattern on your upcycled shopper bag or money pouch. We use some parts of graphics and texts as decorative elements in our backpacks. But even with plain models, you can be sure, there is no other exact copy.

Recycling bags made of truck tarpaulin
Rebago in Wroclaw
Recycling bags made of car seat belts

Beyond the individual history of each upcycled fashion accessory, all REBAGO products are handmade. That also makes them more unique – every one wallet or hip bag gets special treatment. We make each item with care and attention to detail. Giving every design and creative decision deep thought and precision.

Recycling bags made of fire hoses

All our products are made in Europe, with love and craftmanship. REBAGO company is based in Wroclaw, Poland – that’s where production takes place. We hold our working conditions to high standard and keep our workplace aligned with our mission of creating a change for the better in the world.

Recycling bags made of air bags


Recycling bags made of innertubes

Despite a local, environmentally-friendly production, we aim to spread the REBAGO message around the globe and to invoke a positive change within the fashion industry. With the fashion industry being one of the biggest polluters on the planet, mostly due to fast fashion, sweatshops and a short life cycle of fashion items – introducing a sustainable approach and eco-friendly production processes can help save our environment. It’s a global issue, so we act on a global scale.

Recycling bags made of tires

By shopping recycled accessories from locally-produced lines, you directly counteract the mass overproduction of fast fashion and help to offset its effect on our planet. Conscious shopping is the key to making fashion sustainable.

Recycling bags made of mesh grid
Recycling bags made of tent materials
Recycling bags made of production leftovers