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30 October 2019

REBAGO  had an opportunity of attending the Glastonbury Ferstival three times! In 2013 we got a Silver Award of Sustainable Green Trader, granted in agreement with organizations such as Greenpeace or NCASS. It’s the great pride of REBAGO to be a part of sustainable traders of Glastonbury!

rebago glastonbury
REBAGO Green Trader Award 2013

Glastonbury Festival is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing events REBAGO has ever been to! It’s full of music and positive people. At the same time is being organized in very green and environmentally conscious way. Each year the organizers come up with new and great ideas of how to leave the least impact on the farm and the surroundings of the festival. Also, during the whole event they run various educational meetings. There you can find out more how to take care better of our planet!

There you know that mass culture doesn’t need to be environmentally unfriendly!

To all who have never been to Glastonbury Festival: go there, experience it, learn new things, admire it!

rebago glastonbury

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