HARRY upcycling bag
HARRY upcycling bag
20 March 2020
Upcycling belt bag
Upcycling BELT BAG
31 October 2019
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Upcycling BELT

Trouser BELT made from upcycled car seat belts.

Two sided belt with metal buckle.

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Upcycling BELT created from production leftovers of car seat belts is not only a cool decoration to your outfit, but also practical accessory for everyday use. REBAGO BELT is made from two layers of colorful seatbelts to make sure that your trousers are stable in place. You can have a plain trouser belt, or two layered belt with a different colors on reverse. You can simply turn the buckle and have a different upcycling belt when you need a change!

Our belts have metal buckle in three colors: old gold, graphite and silver.

You can get them in the following sizes:

S – 95 cm

M – 105 cm

L – 115 cm

XL – 125 cm

XXL – 135 cm

Additional information
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 100-140 × 4.8 cm
Main materials

seat belts