Upcycling POUCH
Upcycling POUCH
28 February 2020
GEORGE upcycling backpack
20 May 2020
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Upcycled POUCH

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If you need something extra small – Upcycled POUCH can be a good shot. You will barely notice it’s presence but at the same time – when attached to some chain – will not get lost for sure.

Our upcycled pouches are great for some loose coins, credit cards, keys or other small things. Our upcycled pouch is very durable because it’s made of old truck tarpaulin or bicycle inner tubes


Rebago bags & accessories are very unique products made by hand in central europe. There is no two exactly the same Rebago products in the world, because evey tarpaulin have its own scrapes and scratches. In Rebago we belive that upcycling is not only about ecology but also about expressing yourself.

By creating such colourful, authentic upcycled accessories, we believe that we will help you to express your own unique style.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industry in the world. Together we can make a difference,

Reduce, Reuse, REBAGO

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Dimensions 10.5 × 6 cm


Main materials

truck tarpaulin