STANLEY upcycled messenger bag
5 January 2023
Laptop bag from truck tarpaulin
STEVE upcycled laptop bag with innertubes
9 January 2023
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STANLEY upcycled messenger bag with firehose

Fits A4
STANLEY is a compact messenger bag made of upcycled truck tarpaulin and other recycled materials. Closed with velcro and clips, with many pockets inside.Great for carrying a 15′ laptop. Functional for bicycle, work and school.

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STANLEY upcycled messenger bag is an upcycling messanger bag made from used truck tarpaulin. It is a nicely shaped bag which is also easily expandable. Plenty of pockets it has inside and a small laptop compartment make it easy to keep it tidy. You can use additional straps for your jacket or another long things.  STANLEY is closed with velcro and clips.

STANLEY upcycled messenger bag it has an additional detachable belt supporting the bag on the back while cycling. After unfastening, the additional strap can be used to enlarge the main compartment of the bag.

The bag is decorated with a used fire hose.

Additional information
Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 45 × 25 cm

clip, velcro

Fits A4


Main materials

airbag, inner tubes, production leftovers, seat belts, truck tarpaulin

Laptop sleeve