SIGMUND upcycling laptop bag
SIGMUND upcycling bag
12 December 2019
SIGMUND upcycling bag
12 December 2019
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SIGMUND upcycling bag


SIGMUND is an elegant upcycling bag made from recycled car seat belts. Perfect for more formal occasions as well as for everyday use!Fits A4

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If you like upcycling bags but need something more formal for bussiness SIGMUND upcycling bag will be a perfect choice! SIGMUND is made from production leftovers of car seat belt. Their shiny structure make the bag look elegant and more formal. SIGMUND is also very functional thanks to many pockets it has. It is fully zipped on top which keeps your belonging extra safe. Additionaly it is closed with a buckle.

Additional information
Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 8 × 42 × 28 cm


Main materials

airbag, production leftovers, seat belts

Fits A4


Laptop sleeve