REBAGO seatbelt bag
JACKIE upcycling bag
29 October 2022
REBAGO seatbelts bag
JACKIE seatbelts bag
29 October 2022
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JACKIE seatbelts bag


Jackie upcycling bag is an elegant bag made entirely from car seat belts.

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JACKIE upcycling bag is fully made of car seat belts. JACKIE seatbelts bag is all about elegance but also very durable. This charming bag is handwoven with seat belts. We have combined each strip with particular care. The obtained effect of elegance is the result of the gloss of car belts and many hours of our careful work. In addition to the seat belts, you will receive a waterproof lining also made of recycled materials. These can be airbags, tent fabrics or other technical pieces.

JACKIE upcycling bag will be perfect for urban spaces. It is comfortable, functional and safe for your things.

You will find great lady company in Jackie – both for daily use as well as for more formal occasions. It is fully zipped on top and has additional pockets inside.

This bag was made of leftovers from the production of automotive seat belts. This makes JACKIE seatbelts bag durable. We have obtained the multicolour as a result of careful, tedious selection of a huge amount of remnants of belts. These beautiful colors are extremely rare in regular production. Usually these are limited series of vehicles or sports cars.

The presented photo of the inside of the bag is an example. We wanted to show the functionality of the pocket.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 27 × 7 × 23 cm


Main materials

production leftovers, seat belts

Fits A4