KARL upcycling laptop bag
KARL upcycling bag
3 March 2020
Alex upcycling bag
ALEX upcycling bag
30 October 2019
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ALEX upcycling bag

Alex is a small upcycled bag made from used industrial materials.

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Alex is a small upcycled bag but impossible to miss on the street. On one hand he is a minimalist appreciating simple things but on the other he knows perfectly well how to nonchalantly draw your attention. Alex is also a really sensible and strict guy: he will never let you take too much stuff. You will always have to choose… It is a handy bag perfect for A5 format (or a tasty lunch if you prefer). It has additional zipped pocket inside and easy velcro fastener. Made from either truck tarpaulin, inner tubes, fire hoses, seat belts or a mix of all 🙂

Additional information
Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 18 × 22 × 9 cm


Fits A4


Main materials

airbag, fire hose, inner tubes, production leftovers, seat belts