How many times were you looking for wallets that would fit your style, be durable and at the same time remain 100% vegan, just to find nothing?

We’ve been there on countless occasions. That’s why we started making our own items. Every upcycled wallet you can see below we made from upcycled products. That’s exactly what makes them so environment-friendly!

Recycled wallet can be made from used tarpaulin, inner tubes and seatbelts. We made sure that our upcycyled items will really astonish you with their variety of styles and colors. This way you’ll definitely find something that perfectly fits your style. Of course, due to the type of materials we use they are 100% vegan. Also they are extraordinarily durable and weather-resistant at all times. The item will be protecting your valuables well and for a long time. Just choose which of the recycled models works best for you or will be perfect as a gift for a close friend or family member.

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