Simply finding a wallet that’s a suitable fit for you can be challenging – the right number of compartments, the ideal size and shape, on top of the style and color that reflects your taste. A wallet is like a business card, after all, that we show off multiple times a day in all kind of circumstances.

As well as it usually holds our most precious assets, and therefore sparks a desire for an appropriate match to the worth of items that our wallets contain.

Add to those further requirements, like “vegan” and “environmentally-friendly”, and the quest for the perfect wallet might seem like a hopeless battle with an oversaturated market.


Our diverse and upcycled fashion accessories might be the answer to the issue.

We introduce you to Rebago recycled wallets, made entirely out of used industrial materials and leftovers from the production. Progressive and eco-friendly, our wallets use truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes, fire hoses and seatbelts as production materials. Parts of airbags, tents, upholstery and all kinds of production waste turn our accessories weather-resistant and extremely durable, way more lasting than most products on the market.

Reliable, as a place to hold any money and items of value should be, and sustainable. Bringing more value to your life by being environmentally-conscious, our wallets stand out among others.


And that, of course, comes along with a rich assortment of models to chose from. Designed with care and attention to detail, we made sure to enhance the worth of our products with qualities like: chic, functional, comfortable and stylish.

Compact and casual, long and elegant, in a variety of color schemes and patterns – we’ve got everything you could possibly desire from a wallet. The perfect fit waiting for you to discover it or a perfect gift that will serve and delight a loved one for years to come.

Each item is made by hand, so all of Rebago upcycled wallet are one of a kind and unique.

We believe in making the change accessible and achievable by taking smaller, attainable steps in our everyday lives. Choose the planet by choosing Rebago.