Shoulder bags

We won’t lie: our environment isn’t in its best shape right now. You can try to help by doing seemingly small things – turning off faucet while brushing teeth, from time to time choosing a bike instead of a car to get to work or even by making sure your empty box of milk ends up in a proper container.

But that’s not everything you can do! Look at the accessories you use every day – they can also become environment-friendly! How? The answer you’re looking for is right below. We offer recycled shoulder bags and shoppers made entirely from used industrial materials and production leftovers!

There are small upcycled seatbelt bags to carry the most essential goods, as welll as medium (or bigger) products made from truck tarps or inner tubes, where you can hide a book and an iPad. If you need a big messenger, shopper or something to carry your laptop around, you will find them too! Each of our recycled items is made from used truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes, fire hoses and seatbelts. Inner layers were made from production waste of airbags, tents, upholstery and basically anything we can find.

Each material was originally never meant to serve in such way, which didn’t stop us. Thanks to that exact reason Rebago accessories are more durable and weather resistant than other products of the same type – even than those manufactured on a large scale. Each item is made by hand, so all of Rebago upcycled shoulder bags are one of a kind and unique.

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