Have you heard about upcycled backpacks? Are you tired of your regular struggle with fitting everything into one bag? Do you make sure that every single item you wear matches your lifestyle and your personality? Are you environmentally conscious? And finally: are you looking for a stylish, yet comfortable and eco-friendly solution?

We hope you answered all or at least most of these questions ‘yes!’,  Because here in Rebago you can find something adequate to your needs. REBAGO recycled backpacks are a fantastic option for those who tend to bring with them a bit more stuff. We highly recommend to check out our upcycled backpacks Bob, Andy and George, which are not only capacious, but also fit perfectly on your back – so wearing them is super comfortable.

But the most important is – all of them are one of a kind, design and color-scheme wise. Plus we produce them entirely from recycled materials! Put the upcycled tarps, seat-belts, fire hoses and inner tubes on your back and wear them proudly! Because there’s nothing better than staying true to your lifestyle and personality, while caring about state of the environment.

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