REBAGO is not only about bags and backpacks. We are also all about smaller ACCESSORIES.

In REBAGO we adhere to the zero waste philosophy.

That’s why even the tiniest pieces of recycled fabrics are used for making smaller accessories like:

  • Money pouches

Fantastic accessory to carry your change money. If you like to keep your wallet light, also if you would like to have some change money in your purse, our money pouch will be your good friend.

  • Cosmetic bags

Very compact little bag to carry your most important cosmetics. We produce our cosmetic bag out of truck tarpaulin on the outer side. The inner side is always a car airbag.

  • Keychains:

We transform the tinest pieces of tarpaulins, inner tubes and seat belts into stylish keychains.

  • Laptop Cases:

If you are looking for unique case for you laptop, you need to check out our LAPPO cases.

They are made of truck tarpaulins. We offer 13 and 15 inch cases in variety of colours.

  • Shoulder pads:

For those of you, who are looking for additional comfort and protection in your straps, we offer shoulder pads made of truck tarpaulin, closed with velcro

  • Tabacco pouches:

Our Tabacco pouch has everything a smoker would need: a space where you can hide your tobacco, a slot for papers and a closed pocket for filters. There are also two slots for lighters: either a normal lighter or a ZIPPO. The additional pocket you can use for a credit card or whatever you would like to have there.