New life of Seat Belts in bags!

REBAGO in Glastonbury!
3 September 2017

Seat belt bags? Why not?

All of us know seat belts as something which protects us while traveling in a car, on a plain or in other vehicles.

It is important to know that the seat belts you have in your cars are the best of the best which have been produced since all quality and security regulations regarding seat belt production are pretty strict (seat belts safe your life so they must be flawless!).

That means that lots of already produced seat belts can’t be used in our cars due to some imperfections and they loose their primal function.

seat belt bags
Seat belts

Seat belts are a fantastic material: strong, clean and shiny. They can be re-purposed for many things like furniture elements (bases for beds, hammocks…), and of course BAGS. 

Rebago makes seat belt bags too. Among our selection you will find seatbelt bags which are the only model for which we use this material like JACKIE S, JACKIE XL or SIGMUND, but we also use seat belts for the models normally made by us from different materials such as ALEX, PABLO or ECO.

Seat belt bags are a great alternative for those who would like to have an upcycling bag but are not very fond of signs of use and too vintage look. Also for those who are looking for some smart-looking product for more formal occasions: thanks to that seat belts are production leftovers usually they come to our manufacture very clean and shiny and upcycled bags made from them look very neat. Not all of us know that seat belts come in many different colors which also gives a range for interesting creations. 

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