george big and junior
George Junior
3 March 2022
rebago at harley days
Rebago at Harley days
24 June 2022

Recently, we have been working hard on New bike bags.

In addition to the extremely capacious double pannier, our collection has gained Miguel – a laptop bag that can be carried over the shoulder and, if necessary, conveniently attached to the bike carrier.

All copies immediately land in the BIKE BAGS category, where you can buy them.

Bicycle bags made from recycled truck tarpaulins keep your luggage dry because water simply rolls off the tarpaulin material. Eco-friendly bike bags from Rebago are perfect for anyone who loves cycling.

Each bag is one-of-a-kind because each one is an unique piece of a tarp. You can be sure your bag won’t soak when it rains, will last ages and in case of getting dirty – you’ll clean it easily with water.


Rebago bags & accessories are very unique products made by hand in central europe. There is no two exactly the same Rebago products in the world, because evey tarpaulin have its own scrapes and scratches. In Rebago we belive that upcycling is not only about ecology but also about expressing yourself.

By creating such colourful, authentic upcycled accessories, we believe that we will help you to express your own unique style.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industry in the world. Together we can make a difference,

Reduce, Reuse, REBAGO

And here are some photos:

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