REBAGO in Glastonbury!
3 September 2017


Each production created some waste. Upcycling is a fantastic way of giving seemingly useless things a new life. Instead of chucking something away we can use it in another role for the next months, years… and we can be sure that it is not going to be one-of-a-million alike things available in every shop. Upcycled things made by hand will always be something special and unique.

Everything has its beginning in the idea which is followed by a good plan.

The most important question is: „how the best can I use it?”.

Upcycling is about not wasting. Making something tiny out of huge piece of a material and making the rest of it useless it is still wasting.

That is why in REBAGO we make big products out of big pieces of a material and small products out of our own leftovers.

Production waste little pieces

Among upcycled rebago bags and backpacks you will also find upcycled wallets from truck tarps, inner tubes and pieces of seat belts which we not be able to use for big elements of bags. Small pockets of our upcycled wallets work perfectly with tiny leftovers we get in a production process.

At this moment you will find four models of upcycled wallets: TARP S(mall)/M(edium)/MAX and men’s wallet made from used truck tarp – TARP, seat belts – BIG/LITTLE BELT or inner tube – BIG/LITTLE TUBE. Everyone will find a size perfect for its needs. Rebago upcycled wallets are available in many colors so everyone could match it to its personality.

Sometimes the material is too tiny for an upcycled wallet. Then it’s always possible to make a key ring or a small pouch out of it! It also can be used for little decorative elements in all upcycled products rebago makes.


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