Less is more: new REBAGO upcycling backpacks!

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7 February 2020

Less is more: new REBAGO upcycling backpacks!

Upcycling backpacks from REBAGO!

Some of you might have noticed already that recently we launched some news in our online shop.

DIEGO, DANIEL and DAVID is a new family of REBAGO upcycling backpacks out of which everyone can find something suitable for themselves as three sizes of backpacks will let you choose the best one for every occasion.

New backpacks are made from used truck tarpaulin and car seat belts with some production leftovers inside. All of them have an easy-access pocket on the front and additional pocket inside. Like all of our products, they are zipped with YKK zippers.


DIEGO is the smallest of all three. It fits an A4 document size but in general it is a backpack created for small needs. It will be a perfect backpack for a wallet, phone, bunch of keys and a small bottle of water. It will serve fantastically on the occasions such as festivals where you need to carry your essentials the whole day with you. Whatsoever, DIEGO is small enough to stay comfortable on your back for a long time.


If you need some more space, have a look at DANIEL. This backpack is just perfect in size. Not too small, not too big. If you want to carry your 15 inch laptop with you, you can easily place it in a special compartment inside. DANIEL has a size of a aircraft hand luggage. You can easily use it in the aeroplane as it fits perfectly under the seat. It isn’t a huge backpack but it should be enough for school and a short trip out of town, as well as for everyday use.


DAVID is a backpack for big needs. Its size will fit a 17 inch laptop and lot more. Regardless, it is still very light. DAVID should be good for work and for a trip out of town, when you need to take some more goods with you. It will be also a good choice for tall and well built people 😉

All the backpacks from D-family are light and flexible thanks to their simple structure. They have no additional lining inside which also makes them very easy to clean as from outside as from inside.

The shape of the backpacks is kept thanks to additional external stitches which also serve as a decoration. Nonetheless, the backpacks are not too stiff and if you want to make them flat to transport them in your luggage, it will definitely be possible.

The main material of the backpacks is truck tarpaulin which makes them water resistant and helps preventing your belongings from getting wet during rainy weather.

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