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UPCYCLING - the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Purpose and main idea of is to change destination things that generally are considered to be useless.

used truck tarpaulins


We create our bags, backpacks, wallets and another accessories of:

  • used truck covers,

  • airbags,

  • waste products,

  • tent windows,

  • car seat belts,

  • bicycle inner tubes,

  • fire hoses,

  • and others.

productions waste


All recycled materials is a challenge to design bags and accessories. REBAGO products will be a good companion for a long

time, because we use materials that have worked in many other areas of life and art. We are authentic - the part of the

materials we get from the mother company, which produce new and repair old truck covers. Here it won't waste any

old cover.

car seat belts


By changing context – we change the meaning. This transformation has a measurable positive role in the modern

production process. It runs, to the future, which should be protected today. By reducing amount of waste we protect

what is important for us - environment.

Undeniable fact is uniqueness of our bags - it's difficult to find two identical pieces of worthlessness and combine them

in an identical composition. Our imagination knows no boundaries!

recycled components

REBAGO - colors of life - colorful, young, dynamic and full of ideas - a breath of summer night in the city.

Each bag is authentic and unique, just like you.