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REBAGO - authentic upcycling

REBAGO - authentic upcycling

Living in the XXIst Century doubtlessly brought us – humans, thousands of new opportunities which make our lives easier or, simply, make impossible things possible. We consume more than ever and so we could do that, we produce more than ever too. Sadly, very often we just don't know what to do with what we don't need anymore.

Upcycling is an option which can help keeping some waste alive a little bit longer, preventing it from being chucked away.

Creating new things out of leftovers is not a piece of cake but it's a great fun and is definitely worth it.

Rebago made from fire hoses Car seat belts

When some years ago we started making bags out of banners we couldn't realize that there is so many different materials which are crying for being reused in another life. When we found a company which offered us their production leftovers of seat belts, then they let us know that there is also quite a lot of airbags to be utilized as well. Such products like seat belts and airbags must be flawless and every piece which doesn't fall within very strict norms must be refused. It was impossible to ignore such a huge amount of airbags and belts nobody knew what to do with so we took it and decided to use it in our bags. Car seat belts, apart from being straps of the bags also serve as a main material out of which we make main parts of our accessories. Airbags are mostly used for the linings – they are water resistant and bright so it's easier to find your valuables inside of bag!


We also use inner tubes, truck tarps or fire hoses – all of those materials are resistant to water and extremely durable but at the same time really difficult to recycle. Lighter fabrics like production waste of upholstery, tents and smaller pieces of mesh grid (banner) are used by us for inner layers of bags as well as the pockets. Tires of bicycles which we get together with inner tubes are used by us for decorations or making small elements in laptop bags – some little stands in the bottom part of bags. Not only everything is used again but also looks stylish and interesting. Everything is selected cleaned and prepared for the production by us. It is not only manufactured by hand but also unique since it is just impossible to find two exactly the same pieces of trash. But what is the most important is that by upcycling we reduce consumption and give useless things new life for another years!

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