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Some words about what you should know about the delivery.

Some words about what you should know about the delivery.

Rebago recycling bags on the way to their new owners.

As most of you know, we are a Polish company who has its production in Poland (well...yes: we sell what we make) and so that Poland is the initial point from which all the parcels with REBAGO upcycling bags inside start. Since we are mostly known in Europe (because of our tours we make during summer), most of the parcels can be sent by one of the delivery companies which usually manage to get you the package within a week (3-4 working days to Germany and around 7 working days to Scandinavia, Benelux and UK).

Unfortunately parcels which must be transported outside Europe must be sent with our beloved Polish Post. And this is not always as scary as it may seem, though sometimes some customers might have less luck than others...

We offer two types of delivery by Polish Post: fast and economic delivery. The first option includes a “Polish Post Warranty” that the parcel will be delivered to its recipient within a month. From our experience we can admit that it actually works and most of the parcels with REBAGO recycling bags get to their final destinations withing 2 weeks. Your parcel will be transported by plain.

But then we also have an economic delivery... and here the warranty is that the parcel will be delivered... one day.

It might be this month, but it might be also next month, but they should manage to deliver it this year, though, if they don't... well... then we can start talking about a very bad luck.

If it comes to the economic deliveries - Polish Post doesn't give any warranty of delivering a parcel within specified time. (sic!). We keep this delivery option since in some cases (for ex. Deliveries to Australia and Oceania) the differences in the price can be really noticeable, but we would like to stress the fact that choosing Polish Post Economic Delivery is a risk that it will take ridiculously long. Your parcel will be transported by ship.

Today Polish Post after almost 3 months finally delivered our backpack!

Thank you very much to our customer who had enough patience to survive that extremely long period of waiting for the parcel. Hopefully that was a record which we will never beat! 

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