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New product from REBAGO - Upcycled Tobacco Pouch

New product from REBAGO - Upcycled Tobacco Pouch


Here it is!

This is something you were asking about for at least 3 last seasons. Why did it take so long for us to make it? No idea! Maybe we were constrantly putting this project aside since none of us smoke :-)

Still we got somebody who does in order to better understand the need of people who use TOBACCO POUCHes and here it is, freshly made, light but firm, upcycled REBAGO tobacco pouch made from unique pieces of used truck cover.

According to our smoking consultant our TOBACCO POUCH has everything a smoker would need: a space where you can hide your tobacco, a slot for papers and a closed pocket for filters. There are also two slots for lighters: either a normal lighter or a ZIPPO. The additional pocket can be used for a credit card or whatever you would like to have there.

No doubt that is is practical but what is even cooler is that there won't be two exactly the same ones since each pouch is made entirely from recycled materials which simply don't repeat.

Get the one you like the most and enjoy it for a looong time as it will definitely last. Probably you will quit smoking before it falls apart ;-) Then you can use it as a wallet..,

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