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Have a SLOW Christmas

Have a SLOW Christmas

Most of you have probably heard at least once in their life the term „slow fashion” . Why should we think about that in a Christmas time when everyone is busy preparing to the most fascinating holiday in christian countries of all other holidays? That is why. Have you ever gone so much lost in Christmas hassle that you bought so much you thought you would need or because it was on sale or there were so nice Christmas decorations in the shops...and it turned out quite quickly that we won't need 90% of that later on. What is slow fashion and slow shopping? It is thinking about what and why we buy and for how long we can use it.

Cheap, low quality products attract with their prices and a huge variety. What's the difference that we will get rid of them after the second use? We'll get a new one. Wouldn't it be actually better to think about what we need, look for something we really like, make sure is a good quality so it could serve for a long time, get it and enjoy it for years? Less waste, more money saved, more space in the closet and creating a bond with our possesions, thinking more about the ecology and simply, the world. 

Credit: GK Hart/Vikki Hart The Image Bank Getty Images

Have less things, but let them have a value. Be a wise, slow consumer. 

And have a Merry Christmas :-)

Posted on 12/18/2017 Home 0 914

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