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24 June 2020
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About the badges

Every Rebago product have some attributes, which makes them both special and functional. We are happy to point out to you these attributes and explain it […]
27 August 2020
luxury fashion

About true and illusory beauty

Sometimes when we see some luxury brand clothing, we desire it very much because it is pretty. We should not avoid buying expensive things because most […]
9 March 2020

Less is more: new REBAGO upcycling backpacks!

Upcycling backpacks from REBAGO! Some of you might have noticed already that recently we launched some news in our online shop. DIEGO, DANIEL and DAVID is […]
30 October 2019


Each production created some waste. Upcycling is a fantastic way of giving seemingly useless things a new life. Instead of chucking something away we can use […]
3 September 2017

REBAGO in Glastonbury!

REBAGO  had an opportunity of attending the Glastonbury Ferstival three times! In 2013 we got a Silver Award of Sustainable Green Trader, granted in agreement with […]
3 October 2019
seat belt bags

New life of Seat Belts in bags!

Seat belt bags? Why not? All of us know seat belts as something which protects us while traveling in a car, on a plain or in […]