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24 June 2020
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5 January 2021

Sometimes when we see some luxury brand clothing, we desire it very much because it is pretty. We should not avoid buying expensive things because most often the high price means high quality. But when it comes to fashion industry, things are starting to be complicated.

The most luxurious brands, at the time of launching a new collection of their clothes, do not discount the previous collection.
A sale would reduce the brand’s prestige.

Therefore, all unsold items are either burned or completely destroyed and thrown into garbage.

This is an obvious pain for the environment as unnecessary garbage is created.

But it is above all the unnecessary suffering inflicted on the animals from which such clothes are often made.

So if your eyes want to own a new purse, have your heart consult it first.

Our new variant of Coco – completely recycled shoulder bag made of truck tarpaulin and car seat belts – this one is inspired by Coco Chanel design.


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