Say what? Upcycled bags?

For us it means giving used materials a better purpose. Purpose that affects our environment in a positive way and allows our customers to express themselves.
So how does it work? Basically we take truck tarps, bike tubes, airbags and seat belts - refashion them and create Rebago – 100% handmade, recycled shoulder bags, backpacks, wallets and more.
With Rebago, you can find perfect upcycled accessories to carry your laptop, iPad, book, coins. Each upcycled bag, upcycled backpack, upcycled wallet and other products are weather resistant and extremely durable - what else could you expect from such unusual, yet by definition tough materials?
Check out our recycled bags - shoulder bags and shopper bags, money belts and smaller accessories. You’ll be surprised at extreme variety of styles and colors we prepared for you. Rebago bags are 100% vegan, and unique accessories that’ll astonish every single person that sees them.
New life in dirty, raw materials - what’s old becomes new again. Exciting!


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Do you want to know more about who we are and how REBAGO upcycling bags are created? Have a look here!

REBAGO is Polish company which remakes old idustrial materials such as truck tarpaulins, fire hoses, airbags, bicycle inner tubes and seat belts into one-of-a-kind bags and accessories.

We search for used materials, we collect them, then we pass them to preparation and washing. All of used by us materials are cleaned withould using any chemicals. We use olny pressurized water, every scrap of material passes the process of thorough cleaning and detailed inspection of purity.

Rebago is not a factory which makes thousands of identical pieces without the identity. Each of our bags is different and special. Each scrap of material has it’s own history and would be happy to create a new one with it’s new owner


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